Extramarital Affairs In The Era Of Digital Apps And Services

December 25, 2017
Extramarital Affairs In The Era Of Digital Apps And Services

Thanks to the constant development of technology, we've almost forgotten that some things were impossible to accomplish 20 years ago. The Internet is a universal user-friendly tool, which comes in handy in our quest for innovation. We can exchange instant messages with someone who lives overseas, hail a ride with a single mouse click, or start a business with the minimum startup expenses. Technology has also justified our self-indulgence to the extent we are no longer afraid of its counterblast. Having a date on the side has never been easier than in our century.
Tinder: The King of Cheating Apps
The industry of websites and apps that make cheating possible has evolved in the course of the past 5 years. Tinder remains the Lord of all hookup apps designed for cheating. Its basic principle is to show you the profiles of people from your neighborhood who are lusting for an NSA fling. The app is super user-friendly; all you need is to create an account using your Facebook info. Don’t worry, the app never posts anything on your actual Facebook page. After this step is complete, you’ll be shown the list of possible matches based on your interests and location. Take a look at suggested matches and swipe right if you’re interested. If none of them are worth your attention, swipe left. Wait for someone you’ve liked to swipe right on your account. Then you’ll be able to start a conversation and fix the details about place and time to meet. 
Other Apps That Help You Cheat
Except for Tinder, there are some other apps for you to pull the wool over your wife’s eyes. Plenty of apps can be synchronized with your smartphone to make sure all your secret affairs stay on the low.
TigerText is probably the most helpful of such apps. It was initially developed to convey confidential information like financial data and medical procedures. The app also has an interesting feature that lets you get rid of all evidence in no time. To activate the magic wand, give your smartphone a nice shake. This will delete the last messages from your mobile device.
If you’re bothered with your phone ringing every time you’re away from it, check out Slydial. This tool helps you dial to your hookup's voicemail without having to risk a phone call. All in all, your spicy communication remains safe and… secret.
Another useful app to keep your little secrets is Vaulty Stocks. With the help of this app, you’ll manage to hide those piquant videos and photos, which you’ve got in a complete mess on your smartphone. At first glance, Vaulty Stocks is nothing more than a standard stock market tracking app. But when you look closer, you’ll see that your collection of secret memories is hidden behind the plain exterior.
Adult Dating
Thanks to the described apps your illicit bits on the side will be kept private, that’s for sure. But where do you find an accomplice? Adult dating is a service to meet someone interested in playing by your rules.   
The best part about adult dating is that you’re having an affair with other adults who are not interested in a fully developed love story. The greater part of the people registered on sites such as Adultfriendfinder.com is married and unsatisfied with their sexual life. When having a deal with them, bear in mind that none are expecting much from you and none promise too much in return.
In general, such sites help you avoid these tiring crawls around the bar scene in search of a potential fuck buddy. It’s a lot easier to sign up and fill out a profile on a site such as Adultfriendfinder.com. Right after you’re done, you can explore the spot’s vast database of other adults on the lookout for physical intimacy. Except for that, adult dating boosts your chances to find a partner that fits your requirements for sexual interest or physical attraction. That is how you can have a worthwhile extramarital fun without playing the odds. 
With the help of built-in messengers on adult dating sites, you’re able to parse out the personality of your conversation partner. This way, it will be more obvious whether this person is set to blow your cover because of bitterness, jealousy, or simple craziness. If you know what the person is capable of, your fling will be less likely to backfire in the future.
No matter what is your favorite cheating method, your wife will never know about that. Living in a high-industry century, you are able to cover your infidelity due to lots of digital devices and apps. Whereas adult dating sites make it easier to find a potential hookup partner, the newest gadgetry is designed for you not to be caught. This way, you can always make sure your little pleasures won’t come out. Use these tools wisely to keep yourself out of trouble and have fun! 

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