How To Attract a Girl With A Sexy Chat Message

December 22, 2017
How To Attract a Girl With A Sexy Chat Message

Gone are the days when you had to use a telephone, e-mail or always insanely slow regular mail whenever you wanted to have a chat with a woman. With the spread of text messages, casual dating got another fun tool one is able to use to manage his or her dating activity. Naturally, most of us sometimes use words or phrases that are only appropriate in-text. Sending such texts has become known as “sexting”, which more and more guys and girls come to prefer as their perfect foreplay. Sexting allows you to be entertaining, out of your normal comfort zone and soon proceed to taking your sexual heights to a new level. However, sexting is not as easy as it may seem at first, this is why our experts have prepared a list of crucial tips one needs to follow in order to improve his or her outcomes.

Avoid Annoying Her
You need to be able to sense where the red line is and adhere to it if you want to turn her on. One or a couple of provocative messages throughout the day will certainly get her attention as well as sexual desire. What you shouldn’t do is be irritating or overbearing and seem as a freak. A sext should not annoy her or make her feel uncomfortable. Just send her a brief sext mentioning your sexual intentions, for example, “So excited to ravage you later on tonight”. If she doesn’t reply to you, it is probably not a very good idea to try again.

No Jokes with Auto-Correct
Prior to sending any messages, bear in mind to go through the list that you just made. One might argue that voice recognition and auto-correct are very useful and functional features. It also occurs from time to time that some Russian tend to correct a grammar mistake, but create a communication failure instead. This is why always take another minute to carefully consider what you have so far.

Friends Indeed
Booze helps most people to relax and feel more at ease, but stay away from sexting when you know for a fact you are sufficiently tipsy. Whenever someone is drunk, he operates with more capabilities to say and do something you wouldn’t do and the messages you thought would turn her on, seem vulgar and inappropriate to her when she reads them. You know you are walking on thin ice if you forgot to skim through the sext before sending it. Whenever you are out with the boys, it is definitely smart to ask one of your friends as the person that tells you to knock the texting off.

Avoid Seeming Aggressive
It is incredibly easy to spoil a sweet little text where you sharply mention about how you are going to please her if you try to be too aggressive which is commonplace in an adult dating community. Always make sure you double-check the words you choose, as well as the general tone of the message. A girl might feel intimidated or scared if your message seems overly insistent. Your sexts should feel pleasant and entertaining without pressuring the lady.

Timing Is Crucial
All of your sexts need to get to her at the appropriate time. Obviously, she won’t be all that into you if you message her about sex while she is at a funeral. Pay attention to what she reveals about her plans and avoid sending her sexual texts when you know she is doing something responsible. If you do, the outcome will be a “turn-off” instead of a turn-on mood.