Thoughts on Slut!

February 15,

Imagine you want a local single lady to a hammer, where will you look them? answer is right on the of your Alright, dug deeper to give the actual info on dating pros and cons. yourself comfortable because heads will roll tonight!


They say, you a second to make first impression. And, honestly, this statement corresponds to The stuns and overwhelms the same time with hideous fonts and welcome Well yeah, know it’s an adult dating site, still, could there be a repulsive pic? Obviously, there’s way


Dipping Toe

Next, to “HiSlut may contain erotic of someone Damn of them, clap, the door you’ve been always over? Now, imagine you can her naughty pics online. We bet that’s how has attracted its entire audience. But after all, it’s because there’s a huge difference ‘it may contain’ and Moving on to sign-up, they’ve used trick by forcing you register in next minutes. In case you chances you will never become member! Pretty harsh, right? And scammy, after all. 


After a prepped for an interrogation. pop-ups with lots questions your sexual preferences are to make your eyes bleed. What’s more, it’s necessary to hit the button which says ‘confirm f*** now’ after every single question! Just in a skeptical about this endeavor, here’s when ‘fun’ starts. At of this questionnaire, realize how ‘lucky’ you are, as the website matched you chicks in your *sigh*

Parental Advisory: Explicit

Way say. Sure, the sites are usually about flesh, but if you see much, you start suspecting Another interesting experience got with is messaging. Firstly, it’s very surprising receive message from a the first 5 seconds after registering. Secondly, if believe that flimflam, you still cannot respond to that message because you’ll your membership At this point, we’ve approached holiest question of – money.

It Ain’t

Despite omnipresent “FREE,” dating at is not at all. There’s of site activities that you cannot do unless you ‘gold’ package. impossible to chat with the ladies you want, or incoming messages, – most – forget their Long story short, it’s hardly possible to get things going without having to pay And that’s no fun at

Been There, That

Now, talk user profiles. Sorry disappoint you, but you’ll hardly find at least one profile of ‘someone know.’ pics they are taken dating spots found on the the description sections are filled in which brings to the conclusion that is in pretending to have a user base while it’s made full stop.

Kiss Me

Have you ever wondered a dating site insists on of profile pic? Yes, meant you get by but still, any idea? Perhaps, this little hint will clear everything up. According the website’s “You hereby grant Hislut royalty-free license to reproduce, edit authorize to reproduce and edit your Comments in any and all forms, formats media.” other words, your personal information can be used for commercial purposes even sold to third parties. You don’t want that.



If dating objective is to get then yeah, ‘it’s your lucky indeed. But seriously, not worth your We’ve our time to explore this present most accurate review. It’s to to decide whether to join it or not, verdict is ‘ is a scam.’ 


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